For the very beginning in the first stage of our consulting process, our team in Singapore will analyse our clients’ existing products and/or services, customer buying process and behaviours, current business, revenue and even operating models that have been operating in Singapore or other countries outside China for the past few years successfully.

We also identify important critical success factors that stay within their business models internally, so these factors assist us to reimagine the possibilities that enable us to transform our clients’ businesses which are workable in China eventually.

This fundamental approach enables us to understand our clients’ perspectives and provides us with an overview of their current achievements, challenges and potential growths in the new market segments in China.



When our clients have informed us of the particular or selective regions in China that they are interested in entering, our localised team in China will assess and explore the possible potential demands for their existing products and /or services in Singapore and other countries outside China.  

We always connect with local industry players in China across numerous industries that are unique in their own way. New market segments always emerge through years of industry developments that provide new opportunities for both local and new players in their respective industries.

Our China team is constantly trend-spotting and updating their knowledge of market movements so that we can share the latest market insight and preferences across different industries/regions with our prospects.


By collecting the detailed knowledge and information between our clients outside China and markets in China, both our Singapore and China teams will propose localised business models that are suitable for our clients’ needs when they are about to enter the China market.

In addition, we will also share further insights and action plans that will help them to make the necessary decisions for overseas expansion such as intelligent property rights, company registration processes and talent management.

We even advise pragmatic strategies that allow our clients to increase their digital Chinese presence before they are about to enter the China market for their brand experience ahead of their local competitors in China.


Once our clients have decided and confirmed their commitments with their resources for their expansion in China, we will assist our clients to execute the required market entry activities through our implementation services at different stages.

Our Singapore and China team are constantly working closely with our clients to help them adopt new initiatives so that they are more confident of success with their new market segments being established gradually in China.



我们的新加坡团队将分析客户的现有产品和/或服务,当前业务、运营甚至营利模式。 这能让我们了解客户的观点,他们的成就和挑战。







通过收集详细的知识和信息,我们的新加坡和中国团队将提出适合客户需求的本地化生意模式。 此外,我们还将分享更深入的见解和执行计划,帮助客户为海外扩张做出必要的决定。



一旦我们的客户做出决定,我们的团队将通过我们的实施服务协助他们执行所需的市场进入活动。 我们的新加坡和中国团队会与客户紧密合作,帮助他们采取新的举措,使他们更有信心取得成功。