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Adrian Tong | 童纬强
Senior Marketing Consultant, Singapore | 资深营销顾问

Adrian has been a business networking facilitator since 2010 and has helped many companies to form alliances in order to pool their resources and collaborate towards common successes. His forte is linking the businesses to the correct partners.

He is also a member of various cultural associations, and has been giving seminars on Chinese Culture since 2018. He has served many Chinese Clients, and is well aware of Chinese culture and the local market. He has been helping companies with succession planning strategies.


纬强自2010年以来一直担任商业活动协调员,并帮助许多公司建立联盟,汇集资源并合作实现双赢。 他的强项是将企业与正确的合作伙伴联系起来。

纬强是不同中国文化协会的成员,自2018年起一直热衷于举办中国文化交流会。 他服务过许多中国客户,对中国文化和当地市场了如指掌。 他也一直参与帮助企业制定继任计划策略。