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Phyllis Guwe | 魏炜君
Senior Marketing Consultant, Singapore | 资深营销顾问

Phyllis Guwe has been in the corporate world for more than 20 years, both in local companies and international multinational corporations. She has worked in Princeton, United States for 3 years and Shanghai, China for 7 years, in the areas of product development, project management and account management of international clients.

She has been making regular business trips to Tier 2 and 3 cities in China since 2016. She wants to better bridge the links between China, Singapore and the rest of the ASEAN countries with her extensive business experience.


炜君在企业界20多年,拥有本地公司和国际跨国公司的工作经验。 在从事国际化的产品开发、项目管理和客户管理期间,炜君住在美国普林斯顿3年,中国上海7年。

自2016年以来,炜君定期出差到中国的二线和三线城市。 她希望凭借自己丰富的商业经验,更好地在中国、新加坡和东盟其他国家之间架起联系的桥梁。