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Will Tan | 陈威尔
Chief Strategist, Singapore | 首席战略家

As a marketing and branding professional, Will has been involved in rebranding, marketing, technology and business transformation projects across creative and consulting  industries.

He crafts and proposes new solutions for his clients and manages different stages of execution together with his clients such as the transformation of their brand identity, new productivity developments as well as brand reports. He also establishes new proprietary project frameworks for new projects.


作为一名市场营销和品牌达人, 威尔擅长创意和品牌重塑、市场营销、技术和业务转型等项目。

他为客户设计和提出新的解决方案,并与客户一起管理不同的执行阶段,如品牌转型、新的生产力发展以及品牌报告。  威尔也为新项目建立自定义专有项目框架。